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Baseline Prices for Interior and Exterior Detail Maintenance

$80: Compact 1x; ($50 per detailing if monthly or biweekly)
$100: Coupes, sedans 1x; ($55 per detailing if monthly or biweekly)
$120: SUV’s, trucks 1x; ($60 per detailing if monthly or biweekly)
* All jobs are subject to additional charges if the vehicle is severely dirty.

Add ons

$30 for headlight restoration-priced for 1 headlight
$40 for carpet extraction
$40 for seat extraction
$20 for a synthetic sealant
$30 for claying
$10 for wheel barrel cleaning: Ask for quote on plastic restoration
$65 per hour for paint correction (removal of scratches and swirls)

Features of an Exterior Detail

  • 2 bucket wash system with grit guard to reduce swirls from washing
  • Tire and wheel cleaning
  • Wheel well cleaning
  • Gas cap door and gas cap cleaning
  • Bug removal
  • Leaf and tree debris removal
  • Sticker and decal removal upon request

Interior Detail Features

  • Sanitization of all surfaces
  • Removal of scuffs commonly found on door panels and door sills
  • Cleaning of door jambs
  • Window cleaning
  • Vacuuming the interior of car
  • Leather cleaning and conditioning
  • Trash and debris removal
  • Small stain removal 
  • Scent choice

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a 5 minute automatic car wash and a detail?

With a detail you are getting 2-3 hours of time with an car care profesional, this additional time allows us to pay close attention to all the minute aspects of your vehicle that an automatic car wash simply cannot do.

What is paint correction?
There are many different terms that often refer to paint correction, Buff, polish,compound, shine up, tune up. However paint correction is a process of removing scratches and swirls from the painted surface of a vehicle. This consists of compounding then polishing and finally sealing the paint. When done correctly a paint correction makes your vehicle look brand new again.

Where can you detail my car?
Anywhere where there is access to power and water, we've detailed at homes, businesses, offices, churches, ect.

What times can I schedule an appointment?
We can work around any time schedule!

Do I need a garage to have a detail done?
We can work any place as long as there is a source of power and water.

Why do you do a 2 bucket wash system?
The 2 bucket wash system is vital to any car wash, as it prevents dirt and grime from being introduced back onto the vehicle. If you only use one bucket of soapy water then you wash a section of the vehicle and put the now dirty mit back into the “clean” soapy water the you have now taken all the filth from the vehicle and put it right back into the soap.

Will you take my loose change?
No we will not, however if coins are extremely nasty they will be vacuumed up and disposed of unless the customer requests them back.

  • Are you falling behind of your vehicles cleanliness?

    Keeping your daily driver or family mover clean is almost impossible! That's why we offer maintenance plans to keep your ride consistently clean. Whether it's once a month or Bi-Weekly the maintenance plan brings prices down significantly so you get the best deal and a clean car all the time.

  • Do you have odd smells and stains in your vehicle?

    Whether it's the coffee on the floor or soda in the back seat we can remove stains from any cloth service in your car! Ask about our carpet extraction which uses over 200 degree water to remove stubborn stains and smells. Extraction is a must for removal of cigarette odors any other process just covered up to smell!


  • Are you selling your car or just bought a new one?

    With a good detail before selling or trading in your vehicle the value of your car increases tremendously! Having an intensive detail prior to sale gives you the upper hand when negotiating the sale price. Our customers are offered $100s and sometimes $1000s more for their vehicles just by having them detailed!